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Rose Shinnick

Dip. Clinical Weight Control

Dip in Nutrition

ITEC Dip in Fitness Instruction

My name is Rose Shinnick; I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a Diploma in Clinical Weight Control, a Diploma in Fitness Instruction. I am currently studying Psychology in UCC, with to goal to carry on to a master in Healthy Psychology next year. I have been working with overweight and obese adults and children for the past 13 years, helping them to lose their excess weight.


The main purpose of my work is to evaluate your current nutritional lifestyle and to advise and support you in your transition to a more balanced and healthier diet, tailored to your needs.


I Understand that no two lifestyles are the same so how can one diet plan work for all. The main purpose of my work is to understand your needs, and taking this into consideration, develop a diet plan to work with your lifestyle to ensure not only do you lose your excess weight but that you also learn how to keep the weight off for the long term.


Working in this area, I have helped clients to reduce their weight to a level where they are no longer diabetic. Previous clients have also benefited by a reduction in their medication for heart conditions and high cholesterol.





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