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Ruth O'Sullivan 

Lost 3 stone* (Clonakilty)  


I work as a nurse, the best thing about this weight loss program is that even with shift work, the diet plan and the weekly consultations worked around my timetable.

I have found that with several programmes I have tried in the past I would start, but then miss a week and found it hard to continue as the meeting times conflicted with my work schedule., The diference with this program for me is that Rose scheduled the meeting times around my work schedule.

I have lost 3 stone and I feel fantastic, I have a lot more confidence!

Olive Fitzpatrick

Lost 4stone 7lbs * (Bishopstown)


I am a busy mother and I found that over the years the weight started to creep on, I knew I needed professional help to keep me focused to reach my weight loss goal.

I found the programme to be realistic and Rose made sure to work the plan around my lifestyle rather than me having to work my life around a diet plan.

I have lost the excess weight and I am determined that with the maintanence plan that I will keep this weight off for good.

John O 'Donoghue
Lost 5 stone* (Bishopstown)
My job requires me to travel around which means that I spend a lot of my time picking up food at petrol station Deli's and Resturants. This plan has helped to educate me more about the food and drink I was consuming. I am now more informed in my choices when shopping or in resturants. I find that I have a lot more energy now and am a lot more active than what I was before.
*  These are examples of some of our clients. Results can vary from person to person. All About You cannot guarantee the same results for everyone.


Free Assessment visit:

  • Allows you to meet me and gain a greater understanding of what the program involves

  • BMI Check

  • Blood Pressure check

  • BMI Check


There are two different prgrammes available:   


10wk program

This program is mainly aimed for the person that has one to three stone to lose.

The initial consultation is about 1hr 30mins, within this time we go through your lifestyle, and gain a greater understanding of your current eating patterns. Taking this into consideration and with my experience, together we come up with a diet plan to suit your lifestyle.

Each week after the initial consultation, the meetings are 30mins and within this time we go through what has gone on for you over the past week, what we can learn from these past experiences so as to keep improving. What will be happening the following week whether thee is a birthday party or a weekend away, and taking this into consideration come up with a diet plan to fit around these events to make sure that the weight keeps coming off in a safe manner.


24wk program

This is aimed for people who have 3 or more stone to lose. It works in mainly the same way as the 10wk program it just gives you a little longer to achieve your weight loss goals. If you reach your target before the 24wk period then the remaining visits can be used as part of your maintenance where you come in at the start once every 2 weeks and then once a month to make sure that you have not only lost your excess weight but that you are able to keep it for the long term.

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